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Have you got stuck in to your game of the hit GM-less sports anime RPG Tournament Arc, and found you want more? Feel like trying out a new playbook, some new Episodes, or a want a whole new way to play? Then here's Tournament Arc: Extra Time, a series of zines for the core Tournament Arc system containing heaps of extra content for use in your games.

The Season Ticket for Extra Time gives you access to all SIX monthly issues, and immediate access to any that have already been released.  When bought individually, each issue costs $5, but by buying the Season Ticket you save 50%!

  • Issue 1: Heart of the Cards! - Available Now
    • The Strategist playbook, four new Episodes themed around training, self-maintenance and improvement, and a bespoke card battle system designed to let you play out narratively driven battles in a more crunchy Belonging outside Belonging experience.
  • Issue 2: Combo Breaker - Available Now
    • The Anchor playbook, and Combo Breaker!!, a tight, precise one-on-one tactical combat system where you turn Tokens earned outside the ring into advantage.
  • Issue 3: Monsters & Masters - Available Now
    • The Collector playbook, and systems for running campaigns with Pokémon-inspired companions, and a bracket system for more complicated tournaments.
  • Issue 4: Raid Finder - Available Now
    • Guides to convert every episode from the base rulebook for use in an online MMO setting, and eight brand new Episodes built for MMO and online-focused Games
  • Issue 5: Battle Hill Academy - Available May 2023
  • Issue 6: TBA - Available June 2023

Backers of the Tournament Arc Kickstarter get free access to issue 1 of Extra Time.

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Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

In order to download this season ticket you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $15 USD. You will get access to the following files:

extra time - heart of the cards.pdf 2 MB
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extra time combo breaker singles.pdf 1 MB
extra time heart of the cards singles.pdf 2 MB
extra time masters and monsters singles.pdf
extra time masters and monsters.pdf 2 MB
extra time raid finder singles.pdf 12 MB
extra time raid finder.pdf 12 MB

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love your game! bought the season pass — any chance of single page layout versions  for ease of viewing on mobile?

Just uploaded them for you now!